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Naturalized Parrots of the World - Photography

One of my photographs will appear in this book's chapter: "Genetics of invasive parrot populations".

 Photograph   August 2021 
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Magento Professional Developer - Certification

Succesfully completed the requirements to become an Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Commerce Developer.

 Certificate   June 2021 
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Magento 2 Development Essentials - Course

generously invested on my career and with my manager's support, I was able to complete the Magento 2 Development Essentials online course (5-day instructor-led).

 Course Details   May 2021 
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Wacom Technology Corporation - Magento

Maintaining, improving, developing, and delivering Magento e-Commerce solutions at .

 E-store   April 2020 - Present 
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Freelance - Web Development

I developed a website for a documentary film called "Birth of the Acid Western". I applied HTML, CSS and JS. The website is hosted at Github Pages and I configured the DNS with Google Domains. Currently maintainning and updating it.

 Website   January 2020 - Present 
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Liberty Carvings - Magento

I started developing a Magento 2 website for a custom carving and carpentry business that specializes in furniture, architectural details, and home decor, among other types of woodworking. Current Website.

 Staging   January 2020 - Present 
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Non-ecommerce Project - Magento

I started to expand the Magento backend in order to create a theme that can be used by academic organizations, such as laboratories and other similar entities that receive donations. Currently, it's still on the development stage.

 December 2019 - Paused 
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Freelance - Web Development

I developed a website for a PhD candidate, using Github Pages and applying HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I used git to communicate to the repository via PhpStorm. I took a few pictures for enhancement purposes. And I also configured the Domain Name Server.

 Website   October - November 2019 
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Cloud Computing Security Certificate

I learned Cloud Computing basics using AWS (Amazon Web Services), Secure Server Configuration and Integrated Access Management. I also learned how to utilize Route53 DNS and how to create, load and diagnose AWS Load Balancing Clusters between instances.

 Certificate   September 2019 
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Freelance - Web Development

I developed my wife's research website, using Github Pages and applying HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also configured the DNS and used git to update the repository. Currently maintainning and updating it.

 Website   August 2019 - Present 
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Gamma Partners - Magento

I worked remotely as a full stack Magento 2 developer. Here are some projects where I developed backend and frontend features as part of a team:

 Dance Direct     Veem Payment      IDS   September 2018 - July 2019 
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Geedop - Magento

I developed a quote based e-store. Features included displaying the products in tables, customizing the search engine to display categories instead of products, and a one-step checkout, among others. In October of 2019 the company stopped using the Magento website. Here is a capture from the WayBack Machine so you can see how it looked like.

 Web Archive   January - August 2018 
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PHP Certificate

I completed the "Building Web Applications in PHP" course in order to apply for a job that required this programming language to develop with the e-commerce platform Magento 2.

 Certificate   December 2017 
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Python Specialization Certificate

I developed programs for data analysis and visualization using the Python libraries that already exist (NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib), in order to complete the final project for the specialization (5 courses).

Project  Certificate   September 2017 

IoT Specialization Certificate

I improved my knowledge with Arduino Uno and learned how to interact with the Raspberry Pi (6 courses). For my capstone project I designed a microcontroller-based embedded system for homes focused on people with audition disabilities and implemented to improve their quality of life with economical technology.

Project Certificate  June 2017 

Bird Trap/OCA - Electronics/Photography

I designed a remote control mechanism to activate bird traps for my wife's field work. In August, we went to the Ornithological Congress of the Americas (OCA) in Argentina, where I worked as the official photographer of the event. Some of the pictures can be seen on tweets, faculty news, facebook, etc.

Bird Trap  March - November 2017 

Adobe Lightroom Certificate

I took an online crash course in Adobe Lightroom in order to improve my photography editing skills using an external software. I learned how to import, organize, edit and export my images accordingly to match my client's requests. Later I created a blog to share my adventures.

Certificate Lastra Fotografica  December 2016 

ITCC/UACJ - Mechatronics Engineering

I started a new path in Engineering at the Institute of Technology in Ciudad Cuauhtémoc and the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, where I had the oportunity to learn computer-aided design (AutoCAD) and develop an interest in programming embedded systems.

Electronics Lab  2015 - 2016 

La Cervecería - Bartending

I got a weekend job so I could go back to school (Mechatronics Engineering). My job was to prepare alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for a bar/restaurant business, as well as interacting with customers, taking orders and serving snacks and drinks.

La Cervecería Steak House  2015 - 2016 

iGD - Tourism Photography

I worked for Il Gruppo Digitale as a professional photographer in Playa del Carmen, México. My job was to take pictures, then edit, print, and sell them. I learned a lot about tourists from all over the world and photography skills.

Il Gruppo Digitale  2014 - 2015 

CEJUM - Psychology

Finished my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez and worked in the Justice Center for Women (CEJUM) in the same city. My job was to develop and implement psychological therapy and workshops for women and children who were victims of domestic violence.

Appearance in News Article  2013 - 2014