"Well, artificial intelligence can do super-specialized tasks. It can replace the super-specialized doctor but will not replace his receptionist. It's that simple."

- Temple Grandin (London Lecture, 2016)

About me

About me   

    I grew up in a small city in northern Mexico and I had the opportunity to live in other cities around the country, such as Monterrey, Mexico City, Ciudad Juárez and Playa del Carmen.

In my first career, I pursued my interests in human behavior by studying psychology. In my spare time, I've developed skills in photography and the Internet of Things programming. Recently, I decided to pursue my additional interests in programming and began to work as an eCommerce Developer. Delightedly married to an awesome scientist and learning a lot from her culture.

Automated Coffee Machine

"Wake up Darling" was my first project using Arduino Uno, and it involved electronics and C++. I programmed the coffee machine so it would turn on half an hour before waking up.

After being able to do this, I realized I didn't need a degree's permission to do what I want. This project woke me up at so many levels, not just every morning with the smell of coffee.


The Boss
"... please"

She has been taking care of me since 2012. I remember being abandoned for months on the streets and she made sure I got all the vaccines before and after I got home. I've always been a very shy cat but she managed to gain my trust and provide me healthy food, purified water and a clean litter box.

She taught me how to high five, how to fetch and how to sit and wait for my food. I would like to restate my strong recommendation for her because she promised catnip.

E. Karenina

Professional Biter
"As if... "

I know her since 2016. She usually feeds me when my master is not home but for some reason she puts me in a room and closes the door saying "Be quiet, I need to work!". I mean, who doesn't like my voice and my beautiful colors?

I would say that I am not very impressed by her, but I think she also protects me from the cat, so I give her that and some bites whenever I get the chance. Also, she works so hard that I get to be in the cage more than ten hours a day, especially when she is on the phone with some Project Manager.

` ´
M. Bird

Amateur Singer
"She's fabulous!"

My master rescued me in... it doesn't matter, she introduced me to this fabulous person in 2016. I love her, she loves my songs, she loves me, I love her.

She puts me in a separate room after I sing like a lot, but I know she loves it and she loves me the way I'm obsessed with her I love her. She loves her wife, but loves me more. I wanna sing now!

` ´
Z. Clarence